Where Can I Find Fluoride?

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If you wonder where you can find good sources of fluoride, we can explain some of ways you can get it. Some of what follows is generally recommended.

Fluoride is a common mineral that is really beneficial for strengthening your tooth enamel. You can find it in the rocks and the ground. Obviously, we do not recommend biting down on rocks or dirt to get fluoride. We suggest easier and healthier ways.

One common source is water. In fact, water sources typically have fluoride added in on top of natural amounts. The water carries the fluoride to your teeth, where the enamel can absorb it.

So as you can see, fluoride is just about everywhere. However, fluoridated water does not have enough fluoride to keep our teeth strong. We need at least one other source.

Toothpaste is another great source of fluoride. The American Dental Association, or ADA, requires that a toothpaste contain fluoride before they approve its use. Such toothpastes will have the ADA seal on them to demonstrate their approval.

If you brush with fluoride toothpaste and have access to fluoridated water, you are usually getting enough of the mineral. Even so, sometimes a little extra is useful or needed.

Some mouthwashes or rinses contain fluoride also. You can use them for added protection, though they can be especially helpful if you seem to have a high susceptibility to tooth decay. Conditions like dry mouth, sjogren’s syndrome, root decay, or gum disease may warrant added help from a mouthwash.

These common sources can all help you have strong enamel, though they work best taken together using proper hygienic practices. You can ask Dr. George Yzaguirre for more help and information on this topic. You can find him at our office in Corpus Christi, Texas. Call us at 361-431-3113 and we will do all we can for your dental care.