Three Signs of Facial Pain You Should Not Ignore

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While facial pain can arise for several reasons, today our team in Corpus Christi Texas, would like to share three signs of facial pain that you should not ignore. Pain in the face can come up due to a facial injury, an infection, or issues with nerves in a tooth. Let’s look at three sources of facial pain you won’t want to ignore:

#1 Dental Abscess: A dental abscess can form after bacteria reach the nerves and blood vessels inside of a damaged tooth. Possible avenues that can lead to a dental abscess include a crack in a tooth, a tooth with extensive decay, or untreated gum disease. You will be able to tell if a tooth is abscessed if you have throbbing pain, taste something bad in your mouth, have red gums, a fever, or swelling of the face. Please seek treatment if these signs arise, as an infection is serious.

#2 Sinus Infections: Infections of the sinus cavity, or sinusitis, can also cause an aching pain in the face, particularly in your upper jaw region and teeth. You can also feel relentless pressure around the eyes and cheeks as well as facial swelling, ear pain, bad breath, and fever. If cold and sinus medications aren’t helping you find relief, please seek medical treatment. It might require antibiotics to treat.

#3 Dry Socket: Sometimes after a tooth is extracted, you will experience a dry socket. A dry socket arises when a blood clot doesn’t form after your tooth is extracted or is dislodged, allowing exposure to the bone material and nerves. If this happens to you, you can feel intense pain, swelling of the gum tissue, a fever and even a bad taste in the mouth. Please see our dentist or your oral surgeon for treatment for this pain.

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