Teeth Lost to Periodontitis Can Be Replicated by a Complete Denture

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Over the years inconsistent oral hygiene habits can lead to periodontal inflammation and chronic problems with gum disease. If gingivitis goes untreated it can worsen into the severe form of gum disease which is known as periodontitis.

This severe form of gum disease can cause your gumline to gradually recede. As it progresses infected material can start to accumulate near the roots of your teeth. In time it could lead to the loss of multiple teeth and problems associated with systemic inflammation.

Even the natural teeth that do remain could suffer from significantly compromised roots. In a case this severe a dentist like Dr. George Yzaguirre might recommend extracting your remaining teeth to prepare you for a complete denture.

Once your gums have been sutured, a careful impression will be prepared of your existing periodontal structure which will guide the technicians who create your denture.

The complete denture will fit firmly with your remaining gum structure. However, many patients with a complete denture still like to use denture adhesive for an extra firm fit.

You will need to take your denture out each evening before going to bed. A thorough rinse under running water and a gentle brushing with nonabrasive toothpaste will help clear away any residual denture adhesive and plaque. You can then soak it in a glass of denture solution and store it in a safe location.

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