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For patients who are undergoing more complex treatments, Dr. George Yzaguirre may recommend IV sedation. Prior to your procedure, our dentist will discuss your sedation options and help you know which is best for you. If you do receive IV sedation in Corpus Christi, Texas, our team at George Yzaguirre DDS PA is highly trained and experienced in safely administering sedatives and monitoring patients throughout treatment. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 361-431-3113.

IV sedation is a fast-acting, effective form of sedation. Because the sedative medication is delivered directly to the bloodstream through the veins, it takes effect quickly, and our doctor can easily adjust the level of sedation to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your treatment. IV sedation will not make you unconscious, but you may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep during your appointment. It is also likely that you will not remember all of the details of your procedure.

The effects of IV sedation typically wear off after 12-24 hours, so it is important that you have a friend or family member available to drive you home from your appointment and stay with you following the procedure. IV sedation is very safe and can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. This may be a good option for you if you suffer from dental anxiety, would like multiple procedures completed in a single appointment, have trouble getting comfortable in the dental chair, or have had negative experiences at the dentist in the past.

To learn more about IV sedation and our other sedation options at George Yzaguirre DDS PA, we invite you to contact us today!


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